A tutorial to learn how to extend or create your own CodeIgniter helpers and how to load helpers and libraries from your custom helpers.
A tutorial to explain how create and use helper function in CodeIgniter.Helper function file is collection of particular task.
A tutorial to learn how CodeIgniter's pagination class library works with an example to demonstrate a simple pagination. It is helpful for beginner
A tutorial on where to set default timezone in codeigniter. Latest php version gives warning if we use mkdate() or some date related function , to
A tutorial for beginners to learn Codeigniter (PHP framework) step by step basic setup.It is very useful tutorial for beginner codeigniter developer.
A CodeIgniter tutorial on connecting and working with Multiple Databases in a single application.
An article to explain you how to write Join queries by using AR class in codeigniter.It allows safer queries.
Documentation on how to implement pagination class in codeIgniter .It explain various option like customize next previous , hide particular page etc.
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