This tutorial will explains how to use the HTML 5 audio and video tags to add media to web content specifically for safari browser .
To view a whole webpage in fullscreen mode you can hit F11 key in Windows, while in OS X you can hit Shift + Command + F. Now html5 introduce full
An article to explain about html5 Pointer lock API. Using this APi it is possible to lock the mouse on a specific html elements you can move mosue
HTML5 Canvas tutorial explains how to use the canvas element, draw basic shapes and text, change the colour, erase the canvas and how to make it fill
A tutorial to learn how to implement geolocation very quickly including a distance calculator. To find location of particular user with user
In this tutorial you will learn the geolocation feature of HTML5 and the basic principles needed to take advantage of them in your HTML5 app.
A tutorial will explain basic of html5 local storage , and how to use it. It is very useful if web developer want to implement offline storing of data
A tutorial to explain how to preview image before upload jQuery on server using HTML5 FileReader(), to preview image before upload using javascript.
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