A tutorial no how to get primary phone number on your device using phonegap. Follow this tutorial to understand how to implement this functionality.
This tutorial explains you, how to get network information using phonegap / apache cordova. To get info it is usng network-information-plugin.
An article to explain you how to implement server based login in phonegap with mobile jquery. Beginner App developers should refer this to implement
Adding icons and splash screens to a PhoneGap/Cordova project has always been a bit tricky for developers. Each platform has its own file formats,
An article to introduce how to use phonegap plugin like Accelerometer, Camera and Geolocation.This article is very helpful for beginner.
This tutorial will explain to create phonegap app in android using eclipse in window. Beginner can read to create first application.
A tutorial to explain how to include Vibration component in Apache Cordova.
A you start writing mobile app using phonegap you must know "lifecycle events" that are a core part of PhoneGap/Apache Cordova. This tutorial will
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