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A tutorial to explain on Ionic Add App Icon And Splash Screen. Ionic adds it's default icon and splash screen while creating the apps if you have not
An introduction to Swift language use to develop IOS App. Swift is advertised as a “fast, modern, safe, interactive” programming language. The
A tutorial to introduce Properties in Swift. Properties are a very interesting feature in Swift, which makes the usage of properties much more natural
A tutorial to learn how to add SSL and HTTPS in WordPress, setup SSL on multi-site and admin area, and how to do SSL redirects to move from HTTP to
A tutorial to explain how to use  pagecontainerbeforechange; previously known as pagebeforechange. This event can be used to redirect user from page
React.js is javascript library use to create user interface. This tutorial with explain how to add form validation using react.js
A tutorial on how to create helper file in laravel 5 and use it. Easy and simple code.
An article to learn tricks of how to optimize an SQL Query.Query affect website in many way , if query is optimized website will speed up.
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