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My readers keep on asking me that How to share information directly from the web page into WhatsApp? So I thought to write a simple tutorial which
This article will show you different page event load orders in jQuery Mobile and how to use them correctly.
If you want to hide or display certain payment methods for specific carriers you have, here is a little trick on how to do it quickly.
while working with deep nesting calls , its become difficult to manage if each level has non-trivial logic. Promise chain nesting also requires
If you worked with jquery $hhtp is similar to $.ajax() method in jQuery. it takes a request configuration and returns a response.
A tutorial to explain JavaScript optimization techniques for JavaScript on all browsers. Optimization will improve JavaScript execution speed. This
An article to introduce how to use phonegap plugin like Accelerometer, Camera and Geolocation.This article is very helpful for beginner.
An article to learn how to design the professional pricing table. This pricing table can use for selling membership / packages on website.
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