Create a custom Add to Cart URL to use on your landing pages to let customers add to cart your products directly from a custom page or a pricing
A tutorial to learn how to add SSL and HTTPS in WordPress, setup SSL on multi-site and admin area, and how to do SSL redirects to move from HTTP to
Some time you might have to face any changes you do is not reflecting on site. It mostly because of cache in wordpress you need to delete cache to
This tutorial will tell you how to add any functionality by creating plugin for it. In worpdress user can add code in functions.php to implement
WordPress has a function that can create a new post: wp_insert_post(). Just need to pass post parameters like title , description and status etc to
If you are getting error "Could not insert post into the database" while using wp_insert_post , read this tutorial to fix issue.
A tutorial to explain how to implement shortcode from simple code to advance. In wordpress shortcode use to implement some functionality on wordpress.
A tutorial to explain 5 way to enable debugging in wordpress.This tutorial is very useful for beginner developer.
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